Hi August!

Mouth can not always talk, then I let the sky staring us

(Still an introduction)

~ Even the introductory course is quite long, so do not imagine the main story 🙂 (and pardon for my english)

Yup, even though this is the end of August, I still want to say ‘hi August’.

Why? Because August was stealing pieces of memories about you, August as well slowly began to bring those memories away, away. Yup, although time may be changed, but story about friendship will always feel warm, like a dash of coffee in the morning (but i love tea).

Oh, is this too poetic? Hehe, but do not say that this story started so excessive or ‘lebay’ in Indonesia language. Ah, but never mind, forget it.

Yup, I’ll start the real story. The story of our journey for 19 days in August. Wade through the blue sea and the waves, down the dusty road, climb the mountain (though I did not participate for some reason), and has ended with a long night for the sake of completing the presentation. Waw, really incredible days.

And did you know, a few days before we met, I had been thinking for a long time. About what? About, yah, something like, whether it would be easy for me to meet people who’ve just met? Or are you going to look at me as a ‘strange’ woman? Or hey, will this ‘women who wear the abaya and veil so wide’ be able to do this activity? Or something else.

But my father has told me, “Some people lost because of perceptions of their own, not because of their actions. In the fact maybe they are strong, but they are too afraid to start”. Continue reading “Hi August!”


Aku membuat beberapa pilihan dalam hidup ini. Satu, memaafkan mereka yang menyakiti. Dua, menyadarkan mereka untuk berhenti. Sementara perbaikanku, itu bukan pilihan, tapi keharusan.